Our second project is in Ghana, in Sefwi Wiawso district, in Western Ghana.

We have acquired land for the project, but are still in the incipient stages of legalwork, planning construction, training and gathering supplies and staff.

Sefwi Wiawso

Local children

The site of the future Health Center

Another view of the Health Center land

Sefwi Wiawso in Western Ghana in West Africa


Dr Spira was the tribal physician for the Abayudaya tribe and helped set up their health care. He helped design a health center in the town of Mbale, Uganda, and then helped supervise the operational system for providing health care to local Ugandans. 

The Health Center serves multiple tribes, in an area where Christians, Muslims and Jews live together in peace. 80,000 people inhabit the town of Mbale with 800,000 living in the district.  

The health center was financed and constructed using donations from private individuals, not JHI.        

Waiting at the high school clinic to get a medical evaluation (before the Health Center was built)

Dewormingthe school-children

Dr Spira with Dr Dawson Mbulamberi (Ministry of Health) and Hon. R. Gershom Sizomu at the opening of the Health Center